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Financial Advisors Topics

Financial Planning Topics

Human Capital or Productivity?

“Productivity is not everything, but in the long run it is almost everything.”

Six Keys To Successful Investing

Here are six basic principles that may help you invest more successfully.

The importance of aligned interest

This article and 2 minute video discusses the difference between a Registered Investment Advisor and a Broker Dealer.

Financial Planning

The New Wave of Budgeting Part 2

After my last article I was asked the question: “Where do I start if I feel like all my money is in the red bucket?”

The Sandwich Generation: Caught Between Duty and Goals

The “Sandwich Generation” is the largely unheralded group of adults who find themselves raising and providing for young children while also caring and providing for aging parents.

Solving the Small Business Owner’s Retirement Dilemma

There’s a fatal flaw in the retirement of many small business owners: After pouring a lifetime of sweat, time and capital into building the business, their rough-sketch strategy is to sell out someday for a ton of money… then settle back and enjoy a financially secure retirement.

Spring Cleaning Your Finances

Follow these five tips when managing your finances, and you will ultimately make better financial decisions.

Legal Platform Practices

Security and Control by Clients

Financial Barometer Quiz

How well have you prepared for your financial future? This self-analysis quiz will give you a quick snapshot of your financial knowledge and help you evaluate your current position.

How’s Your Financial Strategy Coming Along?

How’s your financial strategy coming along? That old adage, “People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan,” can be especially true when it comes to finances.

Americans Increasingly Anxious about Finances

Nearly two out of three Americans are more concerned about their finances today than they were at the beginning of the financial crisis two years ago.

Basic Steps to Financial Freedom

During these hard financial times, there are ways to fund retirement using funds you didn't know you had.

Beyond Traditional Asset Classes: Exploring Alternatives

Stocks, bonds, and cash are fundamental components of an investment portfolio. However, many other investments can be used to try to spice up returns or reduce overall portfolio risk. So-called alternative assets have become popular in recent years as a way to provide greater diversification.

Common Questions About Financial Planning

Talks about questions that are commonly asked about the financial planning profession.

Financial Advisors - Stocks & Bonds

Facebook Is Not A Good Investment

I am not a stock broker, underwriter or officer or employee of any securities firm. I do not think that Facebook has a viable value of over 15B.

Financial Advisors - Asset Management

Forex....Implementing Modern Portfolio Theory Though Currency Trading

Forex Trading could be a fit for implementing a Modern Portfolio Theory strategy for your investment portfolio.

How Important Is It to be a Strategic Trader

Most traders I met find it very hard to explain why they are trading. They know everything about the markets, the various strategies and theories, but they can’t meaningfully articulate the specific reasons they got into this business, nor have they spent much time thinking about the direction they will take and how they will use their knowledge concretely. But every successful trading strategy streams from purpose and targets. Nothing is more important to a trader than his will of reaching that objective and differentiates from the other traders.

Retirement Planning & IRAs

Protecting Your Retirement Investments During a Job Transition

During a job transition, you will usually have three options: take a lump-sum distribution, leave your assets in the employer-sponsored plan or move your assets into a Rollover IRA.

Tax Knowledge: Is a Roth IRA Better than a traditional IRA?

The Roth IRA was introduced in 1997 as a variation of the traditional IRA that allows for after-tax contributions, but the earnings would generally be received on a tax-free basis when distributed.

Is Your Retirement Plan Protected?

Your retirement is the dream for you and your family’s future. Proper planning and protection of that dream are crucial to help make it a reality.

Are You a Good Candidate for a Roth IRA Conversion?

How to decide whether to convert your IRA to a Roth, and best practices for completing the conversion.

Asset Allocation: A Key to Portfolio Success

For many investors, investing typically begins with one stock or mutual fund. However, over time, asset allocation is a key to portfolio success.

401-k Rollover Assistance

401k Roll Over Funds

At some point, many people with retirement or employer-sponsored investment accounts will find themselves faced with the decision of what to do with rollover funds.

Business Advice for Financial Planning

Learn to Become Happy and Successful

This article references the author's book of the same name. It helps teach the "Average Joe" how to think like a CEO, become happy and successful (in all contexts of the word).

No 401(k)? No Problem

Retirement plans are not limited to the popular 401(k). In fact, there are many retirement options, even for small businesses. It is critically important for small business owners to make sure they consider all their retirement options and find a solution that best suits their individual needs.

Business Advice for Financial Advisors - Stocks & Bonds

Control Person Liability

As a general rule, when there is a significant and sustained drop in the stock market, there is a significant increase in law suits and arbitration claims against stock brokers. In addition to stock brokers, plaintiffs’ lawyers will often try to name “control persons” individually to increase the settlement pool or insulate the viability of their claim against a possibly insolvent broker.

Business Advice for Financial Advisors - Asset Management

Do Professional Financial Planners Understand Who Gets Sued And Why?

It is possible for an affluent family to be legally responsible for damages they did not directly cause of even know about. Learn the issues, become a more valuable adviser to affluent people.

Business Advice for Retirement Planning & IRAs

Career Minded, Headed For Success!

The market is fatter than ever, money is all over the place. Only the career minded individual will be be able to capitalize and profit. Say good by to the time clock!

Other Financial Advisors Topics

Medicaid Planning

Don't let someone you know go broke due to nursing home care.

You Can Be Skeptical Of Forex All You Want!

An article on Forex. We are a busy people. We are bombarded constantly with data, visual flurry's, and audio overload. Sometimes it's just easier to go along and keep doing what's easy and comfortable. Is easier to just be skeptical...

Promotional Articles - Financial Advisors - Asset Management

21st Century Financial Advisor

Managing clients in flight. The new wave of advisors who are finding clients on the go.

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